Elle Jewels - Fresh, Elegant, Trendy, Rustic, and Sometimes Boho

Fresh, elegant, rustic and sometimes boho.... Handcrafted jewelry in sterling silver, 14k gold filled or plated, and semi-precious stones are featured in pieces to accent your favorite jeans or little black dress.

Elle Jewels are designed to be worn both around town and out on the town. Elle necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are made with precious metals such as sterling silver and gold filled along with natural gemstones, framed glass, and pearls. Some jewelry components are hand forged and hammered out of metal wire or sheet resulting in unique quality designer jewelry. Elle designs have been treasured by many as gifts for weddings, birthdays, new mothers, anniversaries and holidays. Inspired by crashing waves, rolling hillsides, falling leaves and winter skies, I design and create each piece of jewelry with love, inspiration and attention to style, comfort and quality.

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